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Positive Changes reported in the 'News'

Positive community action has seen a transformation of the Hardway public space for visitors and residents alike this summer.

Last year in an escalation of ongoing and persistent anti-social behaviour young people were filmed engaging in serious anti-social behaviour on multiple different occasions. This included standing on a police car, sitting on the bonnet of a moving police vehicle, abusing enforcement officers and vandalising the D Day memorial plantings.  These were just a few occasions caught on camera that evidenced the anti-social behaviour that had become normality for local residents.

Since last summer behind the scenes there has been a huge effort, co-ordinated by Friends of Hardway, to put in place a programme of summer events to engage with young people to seek to end the repetitive cycle of anti-social behaviour. This combined with meetings with authorities and action plans from the various agencies has made a huge difference to our community this summer.

Summer is not over, but this positive community approach combined with support from relevant agencies, has transformed the public space at the centre of Hardway into a warm and inviting environment to spend time with family and friends and this has today been reported in the local news.

"The young people visiting the area and the local community should be proud of the transformation"

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