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New Memorial for 77th Anniversary of D-Day

Thank you Gosport Lottery, a new addition to Hardway Memorial Green is coming soon

The Friends of Hardway have set themselves numerous challenges to improve the local area and in particular the Hardway Commemorative Green.

Hardway witnessed the deployment of thousands of troops on D-Day 6th June 1944 and continued supporting the allied forces throughout Operation Overlord. A grant awarded from the Gosport Community Lottery will be used to purchase a decorative memorial bench which will be placed on the green and inscribed 'In memory of the brave Allied Forces personnel who deployed from Hardway”, supporting one of our main group aims to ‘Maintain the identity and history of Hardway’.

We hope this bench will reinforce the important role Hardway played leading up to and beyond D-Day and the ultimate sacrifice paid by those servicemen and women who did not return. We plan to have the memorial bench in place for the 77th Anniversary of D-Day

Our thanks go to Gosport Community Lottery players who have made this purchase possible through a grant to Friends of Hardway @GosportLottery #Gosportlottery

How was the bench design chosen?

In order to keep costs manageable existing publicly available memorial bench designs have been used. Two similar designs were shortlisted, the difference being a feature red poppy or white dove. A poll was hosted on our Facebook public page in January 2021 and the unanimous decision selected the 'poppies design', Bench B in our Poll.

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