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Supporting "Live" Monitoring of CCTV in Gosport

Petition to Re-instate "Live" Monitoring of CCTV in all public open spaces in Gosport.

The link below will take you to an E-Petition hosted by Gosport Council concerning the reinstatement of real-time monitoring of the various CCTV systems across Gosport.

Site followers may be aware that we, along with the Hardway Residents Action Group, campaigned for and had CCTV installed which overlooks the Memorial Green in order to act as a deterrence to Anti-Social Behaviour. Whilst the system is no longer monitored in real-time we are aware that CCTV is recorded and available to the police for evidential use, should the need arise.

The Friends of Hardway Committee support the re-introduction of real-time CCTV monitoring, however we are also realistic and understand that the limited council budget can only be spread so far.

If you wish to support the petition please visit the council link where you can sign

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