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Summer 2022 - ASB Action Plan

Since 2020 Friends Of Hardway and Hardway RAG (Residents Action Group) have worked together with authorities to implement positive action plans to address seasonal ASB experienced within the Hardway community, particularly that focused around the Memorial Green off Priory Road and the foreshore area.

For those that live or who have visited the area recently will know that there has been a general reduction in antisocial behaviour, but it is important that we have a forward action plan for the summer months when it has the potential to increase across Hardway.

There will be a public meeting on Monday 30th May, at Hardway Sailing Club to give an update on plans for Summer 2022.

We are expecting representatives from:-

  • Caroline Dinenage's office (MP)

  • Hampshire Police

  • Hardway Councillors/Gosport Council Officers

  • Motiv8

  • Friends of Hardway

All welcome 6-7 pm at Hardway Sailing Club - Monday 30th May

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