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Press Release - 20 July 20

Updated: Jul 27, 2020


The Friends of Hardway have organised a series of waterborne events (kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing) along with a series of offshore fishing days for the residents of Gosport, with a focus on those families in the Hardway area. The events begin on Monday 20 July with waterborne events, and will finish on 15 August with the final fishing trip. The weekend of 8/9 August will also see the Inaugural Hardway Crab Catching Competition. There are no costs to the participants for any of these events and places are already being filled following advertising through our website here and Facebook pages here. Entry for the Crab Catching competition was oversubscribed in 2 hours.


You will be aware that the Hardway area of Gosport suffered from serious seasonal anti-social behaviour events for many years and this resulted in a public space protection order being applied to the Hardway foreshore area in Spring 2018. In the summer of 2019 youth anti-social behaviour escalated which was reflected in articles across national print and local broadcast media. A hyperlink to some of the previous media coverage of these events can be seen here news article link 1 and here news article link 2.

The Friends of Hardway was formed in September 2019 with the aim of promoting Hardway community involvement and engagement with the community through events and projects. Working with Hardway Residents Action Group and with support from Gosport Borough Council, the Friends of Hardway have secured funding which has enabled us to engage the services of Oarsome Chance to provide the waterborne events and the DointheDo fishing team.

In terms of combatting anti-social behaviour, we have also worked with Motiv8 in an attempt to focus some of these activities towards those young adults who might not have had the chance to experience these types of events before. The events have been carefully planned, they will meet the necessary safeguarding requirements and will also provide the opportunity for the younger members of our community to meet the local residents and learn more about the history of the Hardway and the impact of anti-social behaviour on the water-front community.

You are invited to join for some of these events and a full calendar is shown below.


20th Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

21st Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

22nd Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

23rd Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

24th Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

30th 0900 and 1400 Fishing trip


1st 0900 and 1400 Fishing trip

3rd Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

4th Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

5th Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

6th Watersports – Oarsome Chance 1100 -1600

6th 0900 and 1400 Fishing trip

7th Watersports – Oarsome Chance

8th Crab catching competition Heat 1 1430-1530

9th Crab catching competition Heat 2 1500-1600

13th 0900 and 1400 Fishing trip

15th 0900 and 1400 Fishing trip

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