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Join our Friends This Weekend

Friends of Hardway will be on the memorial green from 1300-1600 Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of August for those wishing to join or support the community group, Or just come along and say hello.

This is your community group, so let us know what positive initiatives you would like to see at Hardway.

Join Friends of Hardway

Did you know that Joining Friends of Hardway only costs £5 per year and this goes towards providing community events.


The aims of our society are:-

  • Promote Hardway community involvement.

  • Maintain the neighbourhood of Hardway. 

  • Engage with the community through events and projects.

  • Protect and improve the environment and appearance of Hardway.

  • Engage with similar groups that benefit the community.

  • Maintain the identity and history of Hardway

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